Consumer Disputes

 If you have been sold defective goods or have had a service carried out that was not up to standard then we can help you get a replacement product or your money back. This area falls under our litigation section and more information is below.

Professional Negligence

If you have been badly advised by a professional then feel free to contact us to discuss your case. This area falls under our litigation section and more information is below.

Debt Recovery

If you are in dispute with a supplier or customer, or another person or organisation, then we can help you resolve this.

We will give you clear and honest advice on your case from the outset. If your case is not worth pursuing or is high risk then we will tell you at the earliest opportunity to ensure costs are not wasted. This clear and honest advice ensures that we have an extremely high success rate.

We will try and resolve your case in the most time and cost effective way. We will always consider whether an application for strike out/summary judgment of the claim or defence can be made to ensure the matter does not progress to trial unnecessarily. We will also advise on alternative methods to try and resolve this case, for example mediation.

We will advise you on the best tactical steps to take to ensure you are in the very best position.

Neighbour Disputes

If you are in dispute with your neighbour regarding a boundary or party wall we can provide you with advice on the best way to resolve this.

Neighbour disputes can get expensive and the costs can get out of proportion to the dispute so it is always important to try and resolve these yourself first of all. Litigation should be considered as a last resort.

If you are unable to resolve your dispute feel free to contact us to discuss the best way forward.

Employment Law 

The employment relationship can be complicated by constantly changing legislation and case law. It is therefore crucial that both employers and employees are aware of their rights and obligations to one another.

We have a flexible and pragmatic approach and are committed to helping businesses and private individuals to ensure that the employment relationship runs smoothly, or to advise concerning any problems.