Employment Law

The employment relationship can be complicated by constantly changing legislation and case law.
It is therefore crucial that both employers and employees are aware of their rights and obligations to one another.

We have a flexible and pragmatic approach and are committed to helping businesses and private individuals to ensure that the employment relationship runs smoothly, or to advise concerning any problems.

Employment Contracts

  •   Drafting and enforcing contracts, for example, Restrictive Covenants and confidentiality clauses
  •   Drafting contracts of employment / service agreements for all staff from shop floor to director level
  •   Implementing changes in employment contracts
  •   Wrongful dismissal claims


  •   Rights arising on termination of employment and / or loss of office
  •   Service agreements


  •   Equal pay
  •   ED implications
  •   Recruitment and promotion procedures
  •   Gender, race and disability discrimination
  •   Sexual harassment


  •   Compensation and severance agreements
  •   Constructive dismissal
  •   Unfair dismissal / wrongful dismissal
  •   Settlement or conduct of tribunal proceedings


  •   Consideration of alternative positions
  •   Consultation, selection
  •   Drafting redundancy policies
  •   Settlement Agreements
  •   Tribunal claims
  •   Voluntary schemes