Children Matters

At any time following separation, disputes in relation to your children can arise. Commonly, issues arise over with whom a child should live (known as residence), and what time a child should spend with their absent parent (known as contact).


Our lawyers can give advice on all aspects of child law, to include the following:

- Contact
- Residence
- Prohibited Steps Orders (to prevent one parent from doing something without the other’s parent permission)
- Specific Issue Orders (to ask permission of the Court to do something the other parent is perhaps not in agreement to)
- Parental Responsibility.


We will always aim to reach agreements amicably with the other party for the sake of the children but if negotiations fail, the Court has considerable powers under the Children Act 1989 to assist us in such disputes.

We offer a first free appointment lasting 20 minutes for all new clients seeking initial advice and if you therefore wish to discuss any of the above matters with us further, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01327 301771.