Corporate Work

Meet the Team We regularly advise on the acquisition and disposal of shares, both with management buy-ins and management buy-outs and mergers of existing companies. This is a very technical area of law and once again the provision of good, accurate and practical advice at the very outset of a transaction can save much time and expense later in proceedings.

Company Formation

  • There are many reasons why unincorporated organisations, such as partnerships, sole traders and even traders need to convert themselves into a corporate structure and we have advised many clients over the years through this process. Good legal advice in conjunction with the advice of an accountant can be invaluable in this area.

Shareholders Agreements

  • Just as the regulation of relations, between partners in a partnership requires a written agreement so does the relationship between shareholders in a company. The Memorandum & Articles of Association and even the most up to date company law statues need to be augmented by a good and comprehensive Shareholders Agreement.  As always, advice before relationships flounder can lead to the saving of thousands and thousands of pounds of legal costs spent trying to put right an unregulated situation that runs into difficulties.

Share Sales and Purchases

  • We have considerable experience with the sale and acquisition of many types of businesses both large and small. We are finding that the documentation involved is becoming more complex. Careful drafting and negotiation of the Sale Agreement is essential and it is very important that instructions are given at an early stage so that we can liaise with you, accountants, financial advisors and all other parties involved in the transaction. When deciding to sell, planning is the key and we would urge all our clients to contact us at the earliest possible opportunity so that maximum advantage can be taken of all the possibilities to maximise the ultimate amount received from a sale

 Contract of Employment

  • Whether in a small or large commercial organisation, the employment of people is full of potential pitfalls and poorly drafted Contracts of Employment can lead to difficulties both on a daily basis or, in the unfortunate event that an employee is dismissed, before the Appeal Employment Tribunal.

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